Your Club Needs YOU!

Dear Member,

As you have seen, we’ve recently published a process which aims to make sure that all our members have fair opportunity to get involved in organised “Challenge” events like the Great River Race, Hamble River Raid and also competitive “Racing” events like Cornish Pilot Gig Association (CPGA) regattas.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the process can be found here:

To help us form crews for the ‘Racing Events’ we’d like to ask all members to let us know whether you’d like to get involved and become part of a race crew. 

We’re hoping to have form crews at all levels, so please don’t rule yourself out without giving it a go. Especially if you are new to rowing or new to gig rowing. Many of us who want to put ourselves forward feel like we are not sure if we’re good enough yet and want to do the work to get there. We also know that many people get better by training with others that are a bit better and need to be able to row regularly with other people to improve. Being part of a race crew will be about this process of getting better.

If you’d like to try racing against other clubs, our coaches and coxes are really looking forward to getting this started and building from the ground up.

If you’ve already been part of a race crew or are part of a regular crew and want to take part in competitive racing from now on, you will need to go through this process too. It’s going to be fair and open.

Just click on the link below, make sure you put your full name and let us know if you’re up for it (or whether you might be in future). We’ll be in touch shortly to sort the next stages.

All the best and hope to see you on the water soon!

NGRC Coaches and Coxes x

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