Waterbourne 2018


Waterbourne and Family Fun Day

I am pleased to announce that we are extremely close to having junior rowing starting.

Therefore after much hard consideration we have decided to turn the 25th August into a family fun day. Races will still go ahead with NGRC and Lewes competing against each other. We will also be providing mixed sprints for all abilities to take part in, plus quick 15 minute rows in the harbour between races for those who wish, for a donation, when a cox is free.

We will also be having junior sign up on the day for any children between 11 and 18 years. They will have to have their parent present to be able to do this. We will also have a photo of all juniors who wish to do so at 12:45 at the club.

There will be a BBQ and drinks available for all, as well as games, arts and music.

Race times will stay the same but with race crews also taking part in 500 metre sprints. Mixed sprints are for all abilities and can be booked soon via the website. Names of people who have booked will be pulled out of a hat on the day and  allocated a seat. So that’s learners, novice and competent crew who can book on. Priority for mixed races will be given to people who are not competing in the 3500 metre and 500 metre sprints.

We will now be holding Waterbourne in spring 2019. This will allow time for juniors to train and also take part in the regatta against each other and other clubs. This also means we can invite more clubs along who have junior rowers.

We feel it is only right to include the juniors in our first ever regatta!

On the 25th we still need:

  • Volunteers to help
  • Marshalls
  • Raffle prizes
  • Cakes

Set up will be at 09:30 with breakfast on offer to buy. Official tidy up at 18:00 with the help of everyone. You can stay later and carry on the party should you wish.

If you would like to, please bring a picnic and drink along with you, but food and drink will be available to buy on the day.

I hope you understand why we have decided to change the event and move Waterbourne and that you fully support the club in this decision.