Selection for Race Crews.

Dear NGRC Member,
We met as a race crew committee last night and have made the following decisions:
1) we would like feedback from all those currently in race crews about their experience – both positive and negative – and would ask that you put this in writing to Will Boden or Laura Pullen (our captains) by email at the following address: . We will also put a suggestions box in the clubhouse so that people can leave anonymous feedback too. Please can we have this by 9th Sept.
2) we would also like feedback from those not currently in a race crew either to Laura or Will or via the suggestions box.
3) next selection will be the last week of Sept and first week of Oct. It will be:
2k ergo in the clubhouse with other rowers present and with coaches supporting and observing
row on the water, observed by coaches, and coxed in a supportive way to get the best from you

We will meet again as a committee to review the feedback on 10th Sept. At this stage we think we will be selecting for the following crews:



Veterans Men – over 40

Veterans Women – over 40

Supervets Men – over 50

Supervets Women – over 50

This will be informed by the numbers of people who come forward for selection in each category.

We will ask people to put themselves forward for selection after the next meeting on 11th Sept.

With thanks,
The Race Committee

One thought on “Selection for Race Crews.

  1. My earlier reply was focused on C crew, regatta training.
    Comments re cox/coaching style(s) generally:
    Huge disparity between ‘camps’.
    1 Technique driven focusing on each element of stroke; feathering 40′ & shorter length; lean 2 oclock max; grip over/under
    2 Fitness/Strength driven with stroke emphasising drive (hard & fast); feathering 180; longer lean; grip over over.
    3 Coxs attitudes: Camp 1 approachable. Crews.selected on age not ability.
    Camp 2 confrontational particularly whilst in the boat. Crews friendship based.

    Hope this helps. I’m a great learner & appreciate all efforts by crew /coxs/ coaches but we need a level playing field & cross camp agreement particularly for assessment!!

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