Rowing and Keeping safe

As you know we have put in place guidelines and cleaning structure as part of our Covid-19 policy that coxes and crew must adhere to.

On top of this, all coxes have agreed to take twice weekly rapid antigen tests (lateral flow test). We feel that by adding in this extra level of safety is the right thing to do and will help protect each of our members. 

We understand that crew members may not wish to do this, which of course is fine. However, some of you may want to. This is completely your choice.  

Should you wish to test before you row you can order your free home test at the below link.

In a nutshell these tests are designed to be done twice a week only if you do not have symptoms of covid. Around 1 in 3 people have the virus without symptoms.  

After ordering your Free home tests they take only a couple of days to arrive. You are provided with 7 tests, clear instructions on what to do to be able to produce your results just 30 mins after you take the test. You do 2 tests a week and must log this via the government website or app.

We must stress that if you have any Covid symptoms or your flow test is positive please contact your cox and do not row. You will then have to book PCR test (test that is sent to a lab) via the government website and isolate.

Best Wishes  

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