Row Types


Sweep Stroke and Maiden Voyage

This session must be completed by all new members.

An introductory session which will be led by one of our trained Coxes with the assistance of a competent rower.

This session covers PARQ Completion; Safety Instructions and Equipment; Basic Rowing Techniques; A Maiden Voyage to put the newly learnt techniques into practice.

Learn to Row and Technique


Novice Members

Once you have completed the Sweep Stroke and Maiden Voyage session and been confirmed as a Novice member you can book onto these more involved rows which will be led by a fully trained cox and two competent crew members.

We will keep working with you on the basic technique and you will get to explore the Ouse Valley a bit more. The aim is to get you on to the competent, open rows as soon as possible.

Once certified as a competent rower by your supervising cox you can choose to progress to either an Associate membership or a Full membership.

£3 per row

Open Row


Competent Crew - Associate and Full Members

These rows are designed for people who have been certified as a competent rower by a supervising cox.

During these rows you will get to explore the beautiful Ouse estuary and also head out to sea.

All rowers must have completed a PARQ form and be a Full or Associate member.

Full Members - £3 per row | Associate Members - £6 per row

Junior Row

Junior Members


These rows are designed for juniors aged 10-18 years.

All junior rowers must have completed a PARQ form and have approved parent or guardian consent.

£3 per row

Adventure Row


Competent Crew - Full Members

These rows are designed for a longer session to take place to explore further afield and can be for around 4 - 5 hours long.

Adventures may take place up to Lewes and back or along the coast to Cuckmere or Brighton to see our beautiful Sussex countryside and coastline.

These events require stamina and an adventurous spirit!

£3 per row

Up with the Larks

Competent Crew - Full Members

An early morning row to watch the sunrise from a totally new perspective.

£3 per row

Men’s Midweek Rowing


Competent Crew - Full Members

From 5th December 2018 a 2 hour men's row will take place every Wednesday evening.

This row will be a mixture of a more relaxed, social row with some training and technique practice.

£3 per row

Race Crews

Competent Crew - Full Members

Feeling a bit competitive?

There are many opportunities available to join a race crew to learn advanced rowing techniques, increase your fitness and compete in various rowing events.

Speak to one of your Coxes for more information.