Row Booking Checklist

Having trouble booking online ?

Try running through this checklist,

1. Have you submitted a membership application and a Parq form?

2. Have you received your membership confirmation ?

If the answer is no to any of the above then you won’t be able to book online until its done.
If the answer to the above is yes then try the following.

Are you signed in to the site ?

Are you sure ???? it will say “log out” on the right of the yellow bar if you are signed in. It will say “log in” if you are not signed in.

Have you got money in your “row dough wallet” ?
You need money in your wallet to be able to request and pay for a seat on the row.

You can check your own booking requests by looking at the “my bookings” page. All your confirmed and pending seat requests will be shown here.

If you get a message saying, “bookings are closed for this event, you do not have the right membership level or the event has already started”
it means,

a, the row is full
b, the booking cut off date has been reached.
c, your current membership level does not allow
access to this row.
d. the row has already started.

If you feel the above does not apply then contact the Cox who is managing that particular row. Their name will be on the row listing.

Final check – Are you sure you are signed in, really sure ??

If you are still stuck then message me or Rhiannon Williams via the facebook messenger system, if you just post in the general feed it could easily be missed.



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