Just giving



Newhaven gig rowing club who are also a registered charity no 1177297,  have managed to pay off an amazing £4,000 to the owners of Amelie but we still have a massive £9,500 left to pay. 

Not only do we have to pay this back by January 2020 we also have monthly running costs for the berth of both gigs, club house, and then life jackets and yearly maintenance on them, cox box’s, first aid courses for all coxs. 

Then yearly maintenance fees. 

As you can see membership and pin money (row dough) only goes so far. 

So we have set up a just giving page to help in our big fundraising task. 

Newhaven Gig Rowing Club is going from strength to strength, and we want to carry on growing. In May 2019 we have to hand back Seven stars Tribute gig to club in a box. Thanks you CPGA, British rowing, st Austells brewery and tribute ale, sport England, and gigrower. This also means we need to think about looking at getting another gig to replace her to be able to keep offering the same amount of rowing to adults and juniors. 

To keep gig rowing affordable for everyone we don’t want to put membership up or row dough up. So we have set up just giving so people can make an extra donation to the club and can also have the opportunity to keep their donation anonymous should you wish. 

Let’s hope we see the amount we need reached so we can look into getting a second gig. 

Happy rowing everyone.




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