Raising Funds for the Club

Support us to raise funds

Join us to be a part of the community. By booking on a row you have the opportunity to join a crew - a team of people who commit to row with each other regularly. We have people who like to row out in the sea and take in the sights, people who like to row to Lewes for a drink and lunch, people who want to get fit and people who want to train and race. You can find like-minded souls and get to do more of what you want. Your £4 a row helps us to self fund the club.

It’s also a great social sport and there's the chance to help us grow a local community based club, with a range of opportunities!

Help us to grow

We need to cover our costs. The club is run by volunteers, so there’s no cost for people’s time.  It’s mooring fee’s, maintenance, life jackets, radios, training for first aiders and for cox’s, plus, in order to get more people on the water we need more boats.  So our fundraising team works hard to keep us going and growing through a series of community events!

What could you do to help us to grow? Who do you know? How could you help with donations, time or contacts?