What is a Cornish Pilot Gig?

Gigs have rowed out of coastal communities for hundreds of years. Originally they were the local boats in Cornwall. Our gig, Amelie, is a working replica of a boat that is 170 years old and still in use. They were originally used as pilot craft that brought in other visiting boats and helped them navigate shallow waters. They would race to the incoming vessel as the first there got the job, so racing was part of the culture from the off. In Cornwall the tradition is strong and there are many clubs. We are the most Easterly gig club in the UK, although wooden clinker boats are part of the heritage of this area and we are delighted to be reviving an old tradition.

Am I Fit to Row?

All potential rowers must fill in a PARQ Form and have this approved by one of the coxes before booking onto a row to ensure your safety. If you do have any health issues we will work with you and do our best to get you out rowing.

How Many People Row?

7 people turned up to the first row on 10th June 2016. Since then we have taught over 200 people to row and had some visiting rowers from other clubs who have lots of experience.  Each row consists of 1 cox and 6 rowers; there is also a seat in the bow for an extra person to come along.

Who Will I Meet?

We are an inclusive club and encourage any age and ability to give rowing a go. We have members from all backgrounds and of all ages and abilities. As well as being a good form of exercise, our open rows also allow for a more social environment so this can be a great way to meet new people.

Junior rowing is commencing in December 2018 so children aged 10-18 years will also now be able to get involved.

You will also meet our coxes who are all trained to British Rowing standards. They are there to give you instruction, teach you proper technique and to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the rows.

Where Do We Meet?

The gig is moored at Newhaven Marina, Yacht Harbour, Newhaven, BN9 9BY. We also have a club house at Fort Road, Newhaven, BN9 0BX.

Please see our Getting Started page for more information.

How Can I Get More Involved?

If you're reading this and have specific skills that you can already see would help us, please get in touch with any committee member or talk to the cox on your next row. If you're the type that just loves to lend a hand and can't fit a specific skill to a task right now, get in touch too. We need people with all kinds of skills and experience.

How is NGRC Funded?

Between our members is a significant and diverse range of fundraising experience; some in the corporate arena, some statutory and some charitable.

In the earlier days we managed to raise enough money to buy our life jackets and radios with some help from Veolia and many other items were donated by individuals.

We have since, in 2018, achieved charitable status which has opened up many more funding opportunities for us as a club.

Why Pay Membership?

The simple answer is that we need to cover our costs. The club is run solely by volunteers so there is no cost for peoples' time but we do need to pay for things like mooring fees, gig and equipment maintenance, life jackets, radios, first aid training, to name a few. The funds also provide the opportunity to train new coxes so your membership fee helps towards building a better rowing club for everyone.

How Can I Donate?

If you want to be part of something special in the community and help the club grow by offering a financial support, please feel free to contact us by email and one of our team will be happy to get in touch.

Alternatively there is a Just Giving page to raise funds to help us purchase Amelie as she is currently being lent to the club and it is important, in order to sustain the club, that NGRC become the full owners of her.

How are the Funds Spent and Audited?

We have a committee that meets monthly and a treasurer that is responsible for all the club's finances. We agree on spending in each committee meeting and since achieving charitable status, there are a range of protections and requirements that it is necessary we meet.

I've Got More Questions...

If you have any other questions then please get in touch via email at 'admin@ngrc.co.uk'.