If you haven't been to Newhaven yet, then we want to change that with you.
If you have, we might be able to show you it in a new light?
We row every weekend and during the week. We rarely see other craft on the river Ouse and have never seen another rowing boat on the sea.

What is a Cornish Gig?

Gigs have rowed out of coastal communities for hundreds of years. Originally they were the local boats in Cornwall. Our gig is a working replica of a boat that is 170 years old and still in use. They were originally used as pilot craft that brought in other visiting boats and helped them navigate shallow waters. They would race to the incoming vessel as the first there got the job. So racing was part of the culture from the off. In Cornwall the tradition is strong and there are many clubs. We are the most Easterly Gig Club in the UK, although wooden clinker boats are part of the heritage of this area and we are delighted to be reviving an old tradition. 

How do I know I’m fit to row?

All rowers must become a PARQ member even if only rowing once for safety reasons. We must have one of these forms filled out by you in order that you are covered by our insurance and part of our club and that your needs have been taken account of. However if in doubt just drop us a line on the contact us page.


Link to PARQ form here                             Link to membership form here

How many people row?

7 people turned up to the first row on 10th June 2016. Since then we have taught over 200 people to row and had some visiting rowers from other clubs who have lots of experience.  Every weekend the boat goes out on Saturday and Sunday and on each day she goes out 4-6 times. So between 30 and 50 seats get filled each weekend. We also have over 300 people who follow us on Facebook

Who will I meet?

We particularly want to encourage young people to get involved. It's a team sport, it's a healthy way to spend some time and we teach them about tide and weather and water safety - good skills for life. The juniors row once a month and we are looking to make that more regular. If you want to learn or are a parent of a child looking for a team experience, we need you!

We also have adults that are good enough to begin racing and have crews (people who work together and get to know each other well, like in any team) who are preparing for our first races. If you are the competitive type and are already imagining yourself winning some "tin" then be assured there is a packed race calendar. If it's your thing it can become a little addictive!

Where do we meet?

We meet at the Gig Shed in the parade of shops at Newhaven Marina. We work from there, use it to store some of the kit and do land-based training. We took it on in need of repair and the whole club came together over a series of weeks to renovate it. Have a look in the gallery for the before, during and after photos.

How do I get more involved?

If you're reading this and have specific skills that you can already see would help us, please get in touch with any committee member or talk to the cox on your next row. If you're the type that just loves to lend a hand and can't fit a specific skill to a task right now, get in touch too. We need people with all kinds of skill and experience and will find a space for you. We’d love to hear from you if you could lend a hand in running all the things we have to do.  Whatever your skill and background, if you can help, please volunteer.  We need help with all things from boat maintenance to finances and club membership growth. Be part of something special.

What’s our core mission?

We’re inclusive too heres how

Inclusivity statement 

How are we funded?

Between our members is a significant and diverse range of fund-raising experience. Some in the corporate arena, some statutory and some charitable. We use all strings to our bow and have managed to raise enough money to buy our life jackets and radios with help from Veolia. Many other items have been donated by individuals and we have also had money that we have been given. In addition we are supported by British Rowing and are kept up-to-date by them with opportunities for funding.

Why pay membership if it’s a community venture?

We need to cover our costs. The club is run by volunteers, so there’s no cost for people’s time.  It’s mooring fee’s, maintenance, life jackets, radios, training for first aiders and for cox’s, plus, in order to get more people on the water we need more boats.  So your membership all helps towards building a better Rowing Club.

How can I donate?

If you want to be part of something special in the community and help the club grow by offering a financial support, please feel free to contact us by email and one of our team will be happy to get in touch.

How are the funds spent and audited?

We have a committee that meets regularly and a treasure. We agree on spending in each committee meeting and are in the process of applying for charitable status. With that come a range of protections and requirements that we are able to meet. 

I’ve got more questions?

Please email us if you have any more questions and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns. In addition, before we are a charity, if you want to check out standards for rowing clubs, both British Rowing and the Cornish Pilot Gig Association have standards that we are working to.