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Event - RAFFLE!! Come forwards ready to stick it to Covid-19

Date(s) - 13/09/2020
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

GIG Club House


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*****READ THIS FIRST!!******

You are probably desperate to get back on the water like us coxes, right? In an utterly shameless fundraising maneuver,  we’re raffling the first 12 seats for the first 2 rows back post-covid-saga. Obviously we don’t know when it might be. But fingers crossed we don’t leapfrog all the sunshine! I’m sure there will be a big old social involved as well and loads of opportunity for everyone to get out. But these hallowed first 12 seats are something special 🙂

There are two ticket types, open to all members.

Ticket type 1: £2 per ticket – you can buy up to 5 if you’re feeling flush.

Ticket type 2: Free ticket! To say thanks to any front-line workers, or if you’ve had your pay-packet pulled from beneath you – or just can’t afford ticket 1.

The draw will be made closer to the time. Your ticket type will be completely confidential outside of the coxes who access the website.

We’re missing everyone and can’t wait to get back out.

Stay happy, stay healthy.

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  • Jayne Collins
  • caroline Dean
  • Tracy Day
  • Esther Thorpe
  • Michele Vardy
  • Jane Masey
  • Phil Thompson
  • Tina Warren
  • Caz Garrigan
  • Bridget Lloyd
  • Jane Mitchell
  • Fiona Siese
  • David Swann
  • Lucy Jones
  • Sue Hudson
  • Kate Masey
  • Dan Wittenberg
  • Lee St Clair
  • Angey Cole
  • Antonio de la Fuente
  • John Carthew