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Event - Learn to Row Giggers

Date(s) - 07/01/2018
10:30 am - 11:30 am

GIG Club House


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There are 5 seats on this row. For people who’ve been out on the water at least once. Once the crew has been chosen, this row will be closed, so make your request now!!!

Dan Wittenberg will be your cox-in-training and Damon Rollinson your competent crew member. Nikki Tweedie will be the coach for the row and we can’t wait to get in the boat with you and rock your technique 😉

We will keep working with you on the basic technique and get you on to the Open Rows for competent rowers, as soon as we can.

Then you can explore the area a bit more and push on into race crews, or row to the pub for lunch…or both!

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