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Event - Ladies Race Crew – Nikki to coach

Date(s) - 17/03/2019
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm

NGRC Mooring


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Row type: Ladies Race Crew – this is a fixed crew. If you would like to join us, please contact the cox/coach and we’ll sort it out for you.

Competency: Competent Crew only. This means you have been deemed competent. You will need to be able to feather on at least one side, or working towards it. You also need to be able to row on both sides (unless you have physical health issues that prevent this). These rows are designed to get your heart rate up and test your mental strength too – with more testing and stretching skills to improve your technique.

Seats: 6 seats can be booked, but we have subs to fill places due to illness/other commitments that come up at the last minute.

Description: focusing on building aerobic capacity and run on the boat.

Cox’s comments: if you have any questions you can contact me, Nikki Tweedie, on fb or on our group chat.

Health & Safety: all rowers must have an up-to-date PARQ form online, and inform the cox of any new injuries or physical/mental health concerns that may affect your ability to row.

Clothing: kit to get warm in, layers to keep you warm when we stop, shoes that might get wet or wellies and trainers.

Water/food: ALWAYS bring water and let the cox know at the beginning if you don’t have any, and feel free to bring snacks that work well for you.

Cancellations: if you cancel more than 24hrs before the row you will have all your credits refunded. If we cancel, you will also have them returned regardless of when the cancellation is made.

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