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Event - Adventure row – RB

Date(s) - 30/06/2019
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

The shed at the marina


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Row Type – Adventure Row

double the normal length of a row

Competency – Competent Crew. Has been deemed ‘Competent’ by a Cox

Seats – 6 seats can be booked

Description – A longer row, often going to or returning from a particular destination.

It is important that you bring additional water and check travel arrangements if you a starting or finishing you row at a different location

Cox’s Comment

Preferred method of contact via WhatsApp or Facebook message for those who don’t have my number.

Health & Safety All rowers must have an up to date PARQ form and inform the Cox of any new injuries or concerns that may affect your ability to row.

Please ensure you come prepared to row and with appropriate footwear and clothing (no jeans).

• Water – This is essential on all rows

• Hot – Hat, sunglasses, sun cream etc…

• Cold – Layers, hat, scarf, gloves (you can always remove surplus layers and additional kit can be put in the bow)

Please see our rowers handbook for more information published in last edition of the newsletter


Cancellations If you cancelmore than 24 hours before the row you will have all credits return to your ‘Row Dough’. If we cancel(for example, due to the weather) then you will have all credits returned to your ‘Row Dough’ regardless of when the cancellation is made.


Please see our rowers handbook for more information


Booking Requests

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  • Phil Thompson
  • Lee St Clair
  • Caz Garrigan
  • Christina Cosgrove