Dexter Allen’s resignation as Health & Safety Officer

It with sadness and gratitude that the committee accepted for the club.
All our safety standards meet and exceed those required of us by British Rowing and the Cornish Pilot Gig Association. Dex has done a huge amount of work, that has set the foundation for us, as a club, to deliver a safe sport to all.
We are hugely grateful for all his work and for his dedication and totally unique sense of humour. He has spent many hours of his own time developing his coaching skills and is an asset to the club as a coach and cox.
He has offered to continue to coach and cox in the club and for this we are also thankful. It wouldn’t be the same without him and many people have been able to develop and grow their rowing competence and confidence because of his teaching and careful guidance.
We understand that it’s time to take some of his awesomeness elsewhere and we all wish you the very best. We know know how lucky others will be to benefit from your knowledge and skill and look forward to hearing all about it.
A huge thank you from us to you. You’re oarsome!!!

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