Community Talent

As well as rowing, our rowers are an amazing group of experts famous for other things in this community.
This is the place that you can get in contact to see how else they may be able to help you
Why not get in touch with them direct if you need help...
Mark Beaumont and Lanoguard

Marine waterproof grease, Anti-corrosive spray, Lubricant & Protectant which are superior to products you currently use

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Tel - 0330 100 1959

Chris Tipper - Boatbuilding & Shipwright Services (Est 1992)

Wooden boat repairs to Lloyds standards. Highly competitive rates. Workshop facilities, moulding and machining service.

  • Small Craft Construction
  • Restorations Alterations
  • Sparmaking
  • Wood Laminating
  • Survey Work

Tel - +44 (0)7714 124 620

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Sewing by Sarah  Clothing repairs and alterations
From £5 upwards depending on work needed.
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