Come Rowing

Being on the water gives you a fresh perspective of the local area.
See how beautiful it looks from the boat at our photo gallery.
It's a nigh-on perfect environment for rowing in the Ouse Valley.
Being safe and well-lit, means we can go out in most weather and even row at night.
We are really lucky as many other clubs don't have the environment we have, it's a wonder that more people don't use it.

So ready to come rowing?

For everyone rowing, there are a number of important things for you to know

  • We will shortly be going live with our online membership and row booking system, for the moment though please continue to use our facebook events page to book onto and manage your rowing.
  • We provide you with a lifejacket. You need to dress to exercise on the water.
  • It's £3 a seat per row payable on the day in cash to your Cox
  • Click GOING on the Facebook event to indicate that you want a seat on this boat.
  • Clicking INTERESTED or MAYBE does not give you a place.
  • Final Crews will be published by the responsible Cox on Facebook with timings at least 24 hours before the event.
  • All rowers must have completed a PARQ form before getting on the boat which looks at your health and personal needs.
If you have questions please contact us using the links below