AGM and Naming the gig

Great day yesterday. AGM went well. Was short but sweet. NGRC is here to stay. We have £5000 to find by end of the year to stay in the CPGA. If we leave it does mean we can not race in cpga races or the Scillies. We will not take that vote until the end of the year if we have not paid Amelie off. And then we will email all gig club members.

We have fundraising to do. We need to find the £5k for Amelie. We have the inside of Amelie to strip and paint plus find a suitable venue to do this in.

We have equipment to keep in perfect condition and replace when it’s not for for purpose.

We have monthly moorings, insurance and clubhouse to pay for.

On top of that we want a permanent home. Where we are now is not forever. We do need to be thinking about the club and where we will be in years to come.

We will be looking at more junior rows and at regular time slots each month. As the year progresses and juniors become competent we will be looking at training them as coxs as well.

We have over 200 members and that is increasing each week. Coxs are putting more and more time each month to get as many people out on the water as possible.

Everyone kept their place on the committee.

If you see any bids or fundraising ideas please please speak to Dan or Nikki. Alternatively you can send ideas and links or even volunteer to help via email

We have a just giving page for anyone who would like to donate extra to the club.

We have joined easy fundraising so when you buy products from a website via this app we get a percentage back of your purchase

We have a massive thank you to all that helped on the day. Especially Lee St Clair for organising the event food and drink. Caroline Dean for helping so much and getting clubhouses ready. Daniel Wittenberg and Martin Rogers for amazing bbq. Also I have personal thanks to Martin who just appeared from no where with food in his hand making me eat as I didn’t eat at all so far that day.
Nikki Tweedie for amazing speeches and moving the event long.
Tracy Honeyball, Louise Woollard and Rhoda Funnell for selling raffle tickets.
Phil Thompson, Michele Vardy and Deniz Koseoglu Payne for cleaning Aurora Friday and Saturday morning.
Can I thank myself ?!? Of course thanks to me for also cleaning the gig and sorting permission for letting flares off.

Of course a big thanks to everyone who made very yummy cake to sell.


Everyone who came, who are member, learners and people waiting to join our club.

We have done amazingly in 3 years and there is so much more we can do.

The naming of the new gig went fantastically well. With the help of members and the community we have chosen the name Aurora.

We celebrated with smoke flares with the rare permission from the Solent coastguards.

We then launched and rowed into the bite for a chop but fun row in our newly named gig.

Minuets will be published soon from the Agm and speeches from AGM and the gig naming will also be published.

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