"I thoroughly enjoy learning to row. Great to be on the water and working as a team to achieve control and speed of the gig. The coxes are very encouraging, patient and I feel my rowing ability has increased after about 10 rows. The members are very welcoming and helpful. I look forward to be competent enough to row to Lewes." Marie-Anne


"I joined Newhaven Gig Rowing Club in early 2017 not knowing anything about Cornish Gig Rowing and very unsure whether I would be ‘suitable’ for rowing.  I am almost 60 and not the fittest person but the club welcomed me and gave me the chance to try Cornish Gig Rowing before committing myself fully.  I was hooked on my very first row.  The team are so supportive and allow rowers to choose the rows that suit them; this could be social rows enjoying the scenery and wildlife or taking part in racing with other clubs, you are not pushed into anything, you set the pace of your hobby.  Even the really affordable membership is set so that you can pay in one hit or spread over a year. The Club also hold many social events.  These range from BBQ’s, Picnics and  fundraising to boat maintenance.  Everyone is included and encouraged to get involved. Come and join us!" Rosie from Eastbourne